Friday, August 24, 2007

Pulp Heroes

A selection of action heroes, originally featured in the pulp magazines of the 30s.

The Shadow; Doc Savage; Tarzan; Conan:

...and a mock Doc Savage cover:


J Gilpin said...

Man, you hit a chord in me with this grouping! These characters can represent so many powerful basic themes: mysticism, rationality, nature, and tribalism.
It makes me want to create a story with all them coming together, somehow! What do you think, are you up for a transatlantic collaboration?
Have you done any comic work before? Rights to the characters would be a trick I guess, Dark Horse has two of them I think...

Who did the novel about Tarzan and Doc Savage? Was it "A Feast Unknown"?

Thanks for the post, very cool!
-Jonathan Gilpin

Kieron O'Gorman said...

Hey Em,

Nice covers! REally Pulpy!

em... said...

Thanks, guys.

Jonathan - I do love iconic characters (even though I have to confess to not having read many of the stories) that represent basic archetypes.

There were some issues of Warren Ellis' wonderful "Planetary" comic that featured a meetings of very similar "types" to these guys - I'm assuming not the actual ones because of copyright infrigements.

If Pulp type magazines made a comeback, I'd love to do covers for them.

Anonymous said...

Hey Euan,

This is the second time I've looked at your site. Mate I'm humbled and a bit embarassed by my own stuff on IFX. You're completely amazing as an artist and truth be known light years ahead of most of the people on IFX. If you made DVD tutorials you'd be rich. By the way what do you think of Brian Haberlein?
Anyways I love your art and I really love the way you put your website together. Did you do it yourself or have it made? I hope you don't mind I borrow some ideas from how your site was put together when it comes to putting my own site together.

Hey Euan, my art is like preschool compared to yours but if you like anything good or see anything good in any of my peices would you tell me? To be frank when I get crits from people I go see their sites, I should be non biased when it comes to this but if their stuff is pretty juvenile and immature I don't take much stock into what they say. But people like you I really respect and totally listen to. I really want to be a better illustrator and I could learn alot from you. I"m not trying to ahem "kiss your backside" ...I'm sure it sounds like that but mate geez....I've seen alot of art sites online and yours is easily one of the best I've seen. My only question is why aren't you working full time as an illustrator!?

By the way I'm guessing you're going to enter that competition to get your art published in book form with LULU I right?

cheers mate,