Friday, August 31, 2007


My painting style is about a million miles away from Jack Kirby, but I thought it'd be fun to try painting the Devourer of Worlds, based on his first appearance (when he still had the goofy "G" on his outfit).


Gannon said...

This is very cool. The angle does a good job of suggesting scale.

em... said...

Cheers, Gannon.

I was very concious of trying to suggest the scale with the angle, and the blueish tint to suggest atmospheric distance.

My style is about a million miles aaway from Jack Kirby, so it was quite challenging to do Galactus without him looking silly.

Jiri Keronen said...


I am probably going to write something silly about God in my own Finnish blog and I'd like to use your picture of Galactus to represent God. Could I use this picture?

Of course I would tell from where I got the picture and put a link to your blog.