Saturday, April 02, 2011

Young Mandela

A caricature of a Nelson Mandela, done for March's challenge on the ISCA forum. I wasn't initially interested in taking part, as I'd already caricatured Mandela lst year, but then remembered a photo I'd seen of him - pre-prison - in traditional garb.


Emerson Fialho said...

Muito bacana, parabéns!

Ilustra GUGA! said...

Very Beauty traces! Congrats, hey check out my BLOG too, there's something new! I'll be greatfull

Hugs from GUGA!!!

♥AMBre said...

Impressive work ! I wish you to win (even if I don't like competitions, I don't care to "prefer" or to "class" the artists). Each one is important to me, and you know that I follow and support you from a long time now. Congrats.

♥AMBre said...

Euan, I've published your Nelson on my blog today, because I like it a lot (as I said it before). I hope you'll enjoy my post about him.
Thank you. Greetings.

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