Monday, November 02, 2009


A caricature of Beyonce Knowles, and an older sketch of her from the Single Ladies video


dsc said...

I thought it was Mel C from the... that british group... wow... I completely forgot... kind of "backstreet girls".... damn... funny I remember her name even though she's not quite famous in some solo career, not that I know, actually. Weird how the brain works.

Back to what I was saying, anyway. She looks more like Mel C, even though she does not look like Beyoncé at all.

But that was an exception, all the others were quite good. I like Rose McGowan's specially.

em... said...

Are you sure you mean Mel C(hisholm), and not Mel B(lack)?

I can see how you could get the latter, but not the former.

dsc said...

Ops, yeah, that's correct. I'm so disconnected with all this that I've actually just deleted by reflex the e-mail about the reply as spam as I've read "Beyonce", then I thought... ..."paper, pencil, pixels" ... "em..."... wait, that's not spam!"

Spice Girls, that's their name.

For some reason, the caricature striked me totally as Beyonce today, with no hint of Mel B and I actually found odd that I've posted that. I'm not trying to be patronizing or whatever would be the case, like "oh, how could I thought that" in some insincere, ass-kissing way. I guess that if you look at the eyes first, then she looks like Beyonce, and if you look first at the mouth and bottom of the nose, she'll be Mel B. Again, weird how the brain works. Almost worriesome.

em... said...

Yes, it has been a while since you commented on this. I missed it the first time round, and only realised when someone posted a spam Viagra-related comment.

I'm glad that you can now see it as Beyonce, although I was never completely happy with the likeness myself. I think there's a better Ms Knowles in me.

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