Friday, August 07, 2009

Caricaturist caricatures

A couple of caricatures of fellow caricaturists from The Drawing Board
Chris Mickens

Lacey Pierson


Mug It Up!/Jim H said...

By way of sheer coincidence, I ran across this the other night going through the caricaturist's caricature thread the other night. I like both of the Chris Maries that you did.
I also liked the Lloyd and Jeff Bridges that I found that I hadn't seen. What happened to Beau?

em... said...

Cheers, Jim.

I wasn't very fond of the first Chris Marie I did - I thought it was a bit stiff and lifeless - which is why I haven't included it here.

I've now replaced the images on my Bridges post, so you can see Beau.

chris said...

Awesome! The second is much better, but I agree with Jim that they're both great ^_^

em... said...

Thanks, Chris.

I'll need to post my third version of you soon.

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