Monday, January 14, 2008

Frazetta Homage

An attempt to do a jungle girl in a semi-Frank Frazetta style for a challenge on the web forum of Imagine FX magazine.


Doc Shaner said...

I love the atmosphere of this piece, and the blue tint of the tree really makes this one interesting.

Unknown said...

Like the colours a lot! I would look bit better at her lower arm and specially her hand. That form could bit better. Her face is very nice rendered!

.ed_ said...

you nailed those colors! looks great

Chris Wahl said...

Great seeing the WIP.

Matt Schuler said...

I don't typically hop in over to your blog (I know, shame on me!) but I figured since I am attempting some digital painting that it'd be good for me to check out someone who actually knows what they are doing.
I didn't see the finished for this (as my time for the drawingboard keeps on shrinking) but I am glad I swung over. Love Frazetta's work and this is a great piece.
Hopefully I'll figure out something with the digital piece I am working up on my blog.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the win.
Excellent piece.

em... said...

Thanks, chaps.

octus - You're absolutely right. I'm not entirely happy with either arm. There was quite a tight deadline, so I didn't have time to finish it off to my complete satisfaction.

I'm thinking I might revisit the basic idea in a non-Frazetta style at a later date.

Matt - I'll need to pop over to your blog to have a look at what your painting.