Friday, October 26, 2007


Another collaboration for the back cover to Sorrow issue 2 from Image Comics.

The original sketch was by series' artist Francesco Francavilla, and I then turned it into a painting.


J Gilpin said...


I have to say I like your work and Francesco's but this collaboration did not turn out for the best, sorry :-0

The lighting and the colors are a bit flat and gloomy. Where's all those wonderful reflected colors you typically put in for skin tones?

You played this one much too conservatively if you ask me (which you didn't, I fully realize).


em... said...

Hi Jonathan,

I'm sorry this particular piece isn't to your taste, and I appreciate your honesty. You are probably right in saying that it's more conservative that what I usually do, but there were some governing factors at work here.

It was turned around pretty quickly (over a weekend) and there wasn't any time for alterations if the powers that be hadn't approved, so I was wary of being too outrageous.

It's probably a lack of confidence on my part too. There have been a couple of colouring jobs I started where I was replaced by someone else, perhaps partially because of being a bit unorthodox with the palettes, and so I most likely did play safe.

I'm not a big name whose drawing in crowds, so I'm replacable - doing covers for this Image comic is my most high profile work to date, and I didn't want to jeapordise it.

J Gilpin said...


Glad you did not take offense at my remarks :-)
Many in commercial art (or just about any profession)face a mighty dilemna: between staying true to your vision or pleasing your client (boss). I think it's your unique qualities that make you an attractive creative asset to a publisher. It's a balancing act for sure - and I hope it works to your favor in this case! Wishing to see much more of your work in press!! Can you say full color, painted comic pages?

As Dan Rather said, "Courage",

em... said...


I'll be posting up the following cover (for issue 3) soon, and you'll see that I did use some more unorthodox colours.

Your comment was a welcome kick in the butt.