Monday, October 08, 2007

H is for Hayek, I is for Imbruglia, J is for Johansson

The next three from my A-Z of female celebrities.

Salma Hayek; Natalie Imbruglia; Scarlett Johansson


.ed_ said...

Hey Euan, just dropping by to say thanks very much for the link! I've had you rss-subscribed for a bit now and was happily surprised. I'll have to return the favor when I get to dust off my links page. Stuff is gorgeous as always, I'm partial to the Natalie and Scarlett.

Charlie said...

So do you use PS or Corel? Neither? Both? Your digi work looks more like it would have come from Corel but I may be wrong.

dobby said...

i love salma...your work so great

em... said...

Thank you all.

.ed - I'm very partial to Natalie myself.

chuckles - it's actually both. I usually start in Photoshop, and then do some final touch ups in Painter.

dobby - Salma did prove to be a very popular portrait when I first did it.