Friday, December 08, 2006

Liv, a little

A challenge from a work colleague - she named a celebrity, and I had to paint them within the course of a work afternoon.

She chose Liv Tyler, and I did this in two and a half hours.


J Gilpin said...

Hi Em,
Wow, this is really nice! Of course you had a beautiful subject to inspire you. Forgive my questions if they have been answered elswhere: you must be using photo reference, right? I am impressed by your wash of astmospheric color in most all of your pieces - is that your imput and not from the reference? Do you have any video tutorials? - I would love to see your process. Thanks for sharing!

em... said...

Thanks for the comment. To answer your questions:

1) I do use photo reference for the celebrity potraits, but most of the superhero stuff is done without reference.

2) The colour schemes are generally of my own doing. I'm not a big fan of overly literal colours, and I like to experiment with the moods and lighting.

3) I don't have any video tutorials, or even a clue as how to do one, but I'll try and do a step by step in the near future.

DW said...

Possibly my favourite of yours. You've done so many pieces that have blown me away but i just keep on coming back to this one. So beautiful!

Daryl (a BIG fan)

em... said...

That's very flattering, Daryl. Thank you very much.

monkeyfeather said...

Damn, that's awesome em. You captured her really well. The colour is GORGEOUS!!!

Marcelo Di Chiara said...

Wonderful Liv portrait, Euan.


Andrew said...

Already commented on this over on the Board, but wanted to give my compliments here as well. This one turned out very nicely!


em... said...

Cheers John, Marcelo and Daryl - it's definitely one of my favourites too.