Sunday, January 01, 2012

Gladiator Wolverine

I never liked the official Wolverine "Origin" story - for me it was far too limited in scope and timescale. I always thought that the character deserved something more epic, spanning various continents and hundreds - if not thousands - of years.
The December monthly challenge on the ImagineFX forum - to overhaul an existing character's look, while still retaining enough to make them recognisable - gave me a perfect opportunity to illustrate something that's been lurking in my head for a while: Wolverine as a gladiator in ancient Rome.


Emerson Fialho said...

Fantástico, parabéns! A pintura ficou demais! Feliz 2012 para você...

Gannon said...

Hey Euan,

I sent you an email and PM on Drawing Board. Not sure if you check it regularly, so I'm hitting you up here.

By the way (strangely enough) we've got a jam going on the board this month.


Mug It Up!/Jim H said...

I like when you draw full figures. We need to see more of that!

Will Appledorn said...

Ha, Cool!

La Woon Yan said...

Xo cool :)

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