Monday, February 28, 2011

Rupert Everett as Sherlock Holmes

My final painting of Rupert Everett's portrayal of Sherlock Holmes, done for February's E-Caricatures challenge.

I wanted it to feel like a Victorian portrait, and it is largely based on a painting by John Singer Sargent (hence the apology at the bottom).

and some stages


Vincenzo said...

Terrific the "vintage" look!

R Kamal said...

nice color scheme on this!

Emerson Fialho said...

Como sempre: ESPETACULAR!
ParabĂ©ns e muito sucesso para vocĂȘ!

em... said...

Thank you all.

Arun said...

Excellent painting !

Everett nailed both the physicality as well as the body language of Holmes perfectly !

It is a shame that Rupert Everett's Holmes is so criminally underappreciated. :(

em... said...

Thank you very much.

Given that he only had one outing as Sherlock Homes, and that the story itself (not a Conan Doyle) was a tad underwhelming, I think Everett's portrayal of the character ranks amongst the best.

I totally agree about the body language - he was like Sydney Paget's illustrations come to life.

Arun said...

You are very welcome !

I agree totally about the underwhelming story and the unfortunate fact that Everett got only one outing as Holmes.

Still, he made a near-perfect Holmes !

Have you seen the Russian adaptation with Vasily Livanov as Holmes and Vitaly Solomin as Watson..