Monday, February 28, 2011

Rupert Everett as Sherlock Holmes

My final painting of Rupert Everett's portrayal of Sherlock Holmes, done for February's E-Caricatures challenge.

I wanted it to feel like a Victorian portrait, and it is largely based on a painting by John Singer Sargent (hence the apology at the bottom).

and some stages


Vincenzo said...

Terrific the "vintage" look!

R.Kamal said...

nice color scheme on this!

Emerson Fialho said...

Como sempre: ESPETACULAR!
ParabĂ©ns e muito sucesso para vocĂȘ!

em... said...

Thank you all.

buddy2blogger said...

Excellent painting !

Everett nailed both the physicality as well as the body language of Holmes perfectly !

It is a shame that Rupert Everett's Holmes is so criminally underappreciated. :(

em... said...

Thank you very much.

Given that he only had one outing as Sherlock Homes, and that the story itself (not a Conan Doyle) was a tad underwhelming, I think Everett's portrayal of the character ranks amongst the best.

I totally agree about the body language - he was like Sydney Paget's illustrations come to life.

buddy2blogger said...

You are very welcome !

I agree totally about the underwhelming story and the unfortunate fact that Everett got only one outing as Holmes.

Still, he made a near-perfect Holmes !

Have you seen the Russian adaptation with Vasily Livanov as Holmes and Vitaly Solomin as Watson..