Monday, January 18, 2010

Being Human sketches

Some quick sketches of the three main cast members of the BBC's excellent supernatural drama Being Human.
Aidan Turner as Mitchell, a vampire.

Lenora Crichlow as Annie, a ghost.

Russell Tovey as George, a werewolf.


Starfox said...

Nice work as usual Euan, all looking suitably intense too. George must have been a breeze to do with those ears lol. Are you going to colour these up, they'd look great together in one pic. Looking forward to seeing how series 2 develops too.

em... said...


I didn't intend colouring these up (they'd be much less finished if I had), but I may do more with the same subjects.

Funnily, George was the one that caused me most problems, which isn't how I thought it would be.

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