Monday, August 17, 2009

Hulk Sketch

An oldish sketch of Marvel Comics' The Incredible Hulk, which I started to tighten up, but never finished. Maybe I'll return to it some day and finish it.


Mug It Up!/Jim H said...

Hulk Smash! Good looking Classic Hulk rendering.

All the time I was working on dah ahnold, I'm so used to looking at how they do the Hulk now, it didn't seem to matter how small I made his head, it still looked kind of normal.

Anonymous said...
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em... said...


I much prefer the old style Hulk to what you see these days. In my mind, he should be awkward, ugly and chunky, but a lot of modern versions (including the most recent movie) have him very buff - a Hunk, not a Hulk.

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