Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Great Scots No1 - David Tennant

A caricature of actor David Tennant. The first in a series of famous Scottish people.




Scribbler said...

Excellent work man, you really pushed him this time. Have to get back into it, up to my neck in animation work. Great work Euan always an inspirational visit to your blog!

Damien said...

*shock* You mean there's more than one?? ;-P

Seriously, I am sooooooooo kidding! (please don't beat me, please don't beat me...)

I have to say, mate, that your work is always fantastic and it's always an inspiration to check out what you're doing and to get advice from you and the other pros on Drawing Board.



McTodd said...

Whilst randomly roaming the interweb I chanced upon this blog, and having just had a good old browse, I just want to say how much pleasure it has given me. There are so many wonderful pieces of art here, that I just have to say 'Bravo!' and wish you more power to your artist's elbow!

em... said...

Thank you all.

Rook Bloodhoof said...

Tennant makes a great character to capture and you've done so marvellously. Grand job.