Monday, July 21, 2008

More Mathilda May

A couple of quicker, looser Mathilda May pictures.

The first is based on a still from the movie "Naked Tango", which isn't as pervy a movie as it sounds. It is a beautifully photographed film, though, and I would recommend it to fans of good cinematography.

I don't know where the second one is from, but I wanted to show an older, and still beautiful, Mathilda. The actual size close up shows how I attempted to capture the character that time has added to her face.


Dave said...

Great stuff as usual.

I think the second picture is from Love Express, something about speed-dating on a cruise I think.

You've really handled the lighting and colour scheme of the second picture really well.

em... said...

Cheers, Dave.

I might have to try and search for "Love Express".