Thursday, May 01, 2008

The Ripper

An illustration of the most notorious serial killer of all - Jack the Ripper.

The initial rough sketch:

The finished image. I decided to change the angle to a low level to make him more imposing, and to have him visually block the escape route (based on Miller's Court, the scene of his final killing)


R Kamal said...

awesome...very effective!

Dave said...

This is really great stuff Em, mate nicely done.

Gannon said...

Spooky! I like them both. I think there is something in the body language of the first that makes it look like a chance encounter, like the Ripper was surprised by the viewer. In the second image, the feeling is just the opposite, like the viewer has fallen into the Ripper's hands. I think there is more tension in the first one, because of the lack of a feeling of inevitability. The viewer might just get away. RUN, VIEWER! RUN!


Damn DOOD..... You sprinkle some kinda magic dust on your corn flakes in the morning... If you do I really should get some of that magic dust.

Great work.


em... said...

Thanks, chaps.

Gannon - The feeling of inevitability in the final is intentional. When Jack the Ripper murdered his final victim (Mary Kelly) it was very deliberate and he took his time.

Pedro - I thought it was just sugar frosting :)