Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Your Name Here

A 40s style pinup I did for inclusion in a book "Eye Candy from Strangers" - I reworked an older piece that had done a few years ago. There are some bits I prefer about the original, but I'm pretty happy with the new version.

Old; New


Jim Rodgers said...

Great work Euan. Very 40's-authentic (I just make up my own terms at will) with the palette and the soft focus around the edges. Very nice.

em... said...

Thanks, Jim. Most of my artistic heroes come from that period, when printing technology had advanced to give great reproduction, but before photography had taken over as the main source of magazine images.

I don't think there's been any artist better than the great Gil Elvgren in capturing the sexy but still wholesome girl-next-door look

Jim Rodgers said...

Thanks for giving me that name. I've been familiar with the style but not one particular artist. I enjoyed an hour of looking through Elvgren's paintings online. They're bold, graphic and colourful but at the same time subdued or balanced with greys(for the most part!). A wonderful artist.

em... said...

There were a few artists who had similar styles, calkled te "Sundblom School" after Haddon Sundblom, the artist who did the Coke Santa paintings, and who was Elvgren's mentor.

Elvgren was probably the only one who excelled his master, though.

Joyce Ballantyne and Harry Ekman were contempraries of Elvgren, who had a similar feel to their work.