Monday, September 24, 2007


Some paintings (of variable time spent and quality) inspired by Frank Miller's 300 graphic novel, and the movie based on same:

Ephialetes; King Leonidas and some Spartans; a random Spartan warrior; a painting based on an actual statue of Leonidas; more Spartans; one of the Immortals; Gerard Butler as Leonidas in the movie; Leonidas' final defiant moments

The one I spent the most time on, however, was a portrait of Lena Heady as Queen Gorgo (some steps are shown):


CCG Coordinator said...


More fantastic work! You seem to have a very efficient work flow happening. As I suspected you work from a value study (last image)to start the process. But I guess some of these quicker ones you went directly in with color?

Would you consider listing the time spent and the software for your images? Pesky learners like me might get something out of that - and judging from your prodigious output you must be working with great economy!

Thanks for the process image for the queen. How do you go to coloring stage? In Photoshop I would imagine? And is the initial sketch done in Painter?

Really wish we could figure out how to get videos of your process! We will have to start a hardware upgrade fund for you! Please let me know if you are ever coming to the US! I'm thinking you would be a great workshop leader?

In factI may be teaching an intro Illustration Class at the local 2-year college, do you have any tips or ideas to include in the curriculum? I'm thrilled at the prospect but a little flabbergasted at the enormity of pulling all my thoughts and ideas together into a cohesive lesson plan(s).

Kind Regards,
Jonathan Gilpin

Michael Coates said...

Love these too!

em... said...

Thank you both.

Jonathan - I've got an intention to do some illustrations of iconic characters; and when I do, I'll give more in-depth descriptions of the process.