Thursday, May 31, 2007

Eva Green X 3

Done for a Jam on the Drawing Board.

The first two are based on reference from the Ridley Scott movie "KIngdom of Heaven"

The third and last one I did came out the best, I think.


R Kamal said...

wow!the first one is wonderful with back light...can see a lot of refinement in your painting style...

Anthony Carpenter said...

They are all good, but, you are right, the third one is the most dynamic. The blue green of the background combined with the orange highlight gives it a real flair.
I also like the way she fills the space. Excellent composition.

em... said...

Kamal - I've been experimenting with light bleeds etc on the first one. Glad to know it worked out well.

Anthony - With the colours, I was going for a kind of outwardly cold and somewhat aloof, but with an almost heat just waiting to come out, because that's how I see her.